Free online storytelling to pass the time in lockdown, and a competition.

Wow look. After a break of way to long, DevilStick Peat has finally found enough time to send out another thrilling chapter of his blog, or as I prefer to call it, “the life and times of a modern day, medieval fool”. Normally my blogs are crammed full of exciting news regarding either events just past, or events coming up. However, as I’m sure you’ll agree, times are far from normal.

So why, I hear you ask, am I writing my blog if I’ve got nothing to say? Well that’s never stopped me in the past. Besides, for me today is not only a special day, but an extra special one at that. Intrigued? then read on.


As I’m sure you’ll all be aware, today is April’s fools day. A very special day for us fools, jesters and jokers. But as many of you may well not be so aware, it’s also my wedding anniversary! That’s right. I got married on Aprils fools day (Well, it’s a date I can remember). Yes, yes I know what you’re all about to say. You looked in all the shops but nothing was good enough for us, so that’s just what you got us!

But that’s OK, because I’ve got something for you, several things in fact.


Firstly, a story. Years and years ago, when my kids were still young enough to be cute, I wrote them a story. A story called “Blizz and the ice dragon”, Now I never expected it to be read by anyone else until the other day. so what changed? patience O reader, for all is about to be revealed.

I was sitting at home, looking at loads of emails, all canceling booked events for the summer and feeling more than a little bit down, when a lady who’d seen me perform around a decade ago contacted me and said something like. “I work at a primary school and I was wondering if you could do something online to entertain the children still at school during the lockdown? So I thought about this and decided to not only put a story on youtube for them (and all other children) but to do it as a trilogy, a trilogy that is (to quote douglas adams) a trilogy in 4 parts!

To find this exciting experiment in online entertainment, all you need to do is click on the aptly named link below


Then another friend contacted me (yes I do have more than one, honest) and they had the audacity to accuse me, your humble narrator of bigotry!!!!! The worse thing about it is that they were right! For by only recording a story for younger folk I was ignoring all the older children (I.E. re-enactors etc). So I’m now in the process of recording and uploading what I like to call my “family story”. It’s not only my best story, but also my favorite story. I love this story and am actually rather proud of the way I tell it. Not only that, but as those who’ve heard it will surely agree. It’s a story that appeals to folk of all ages. a story called

“Jack mcclaw of the clan mcclaw and how he got to repair his rowing boat. Once uploaded it will be on the same page as Blizz and the ice dragon, I hope to have it online this evening. It would have been online today, but the internet is so slow. I wonder why.

Now for the final and most exciting thing that I, your poor humble fool offers you to lighten the mood in these sad, uncertain times.


The rules of this competition are simple. This blog is set up so that you can leave comments. In the comments simply send me your worse, most corny, guaranteed to make me groan, joke. That’s it, nothing else. Every evening I will feed the jokes into my groan-omiter. I,E, I’ll read then to my children and see which one makes them groan the loudest. On sunday night, at 8pm GMT the competition will close and my children will then decide which of the finalist wins the coveted title of “BAD JOKE OF THE YEAR” Not only this but more!

I will then arrange a time and date in the very near future for myself and the winner to do a facebook video call where I, your humble, good looking fool, will attempt to perform an interactive, online and across the miles, amazing bit of spectacular magic, just for you, That’s right folks not only will you be able to watch me performing live over the internet, but the winner will actually partake in the magic. Making random choices that I, Your poor humble fool, will have to predict using nothing more than my amazing, supernatural, super human and just plain “super” magical powers. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Legal bits

By entering you agree that

  1. The decision of the judges is final
  2. To be recorded and for that recording to be used by myself and uploaded to the internet including (but not exclusively) my website and social media sites.
  3. If the winner is under the age of 18 they must be accompanied by an adult during the recording

Well that’s all for now folks. As soon as life returns to normal (normal for a modern day medieval fool that is) I’ll let you know about where to go to see the worlds best fool, until then, if you’re suffering from festival withdrawal, feel free to put on your sunglasses and watch me on youtube whilst eating icecream and saying “wow, this festival is amazing”.

your favorite storytelling fool


P.S. on the subject of festivals, I’ve just spoken to “The loxwood joust” at the time of writing they are still hopeful that it will go ahead in August, if not then they are looking at the 3rd weekend in September. If you’ve never been to it yet, go to it. It’s a great day out for all the family. you can find it’s website simply by clicking on the following, aptly named other link below

Other link

And remember folks

Stay safe

Stay sane


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