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devilstick peat childrens entertainer, jester, magician and comedian at childs birthday party

Birthday Party Entertainer Cambridgeshire

DevilStick Peat is an amazing and unique children’s birthday party entertainer in March, Cambridgeshire. So whether your party is themed or not, having this real, live jester at your birthday party can make a unique and very special memory for your child. Devilstick Peat will also make your child’s party the talk of the school playground. And you the envy of all the other parents.

Children from the ages of 6-60 enjoying Devilstick peats show

Peat will use a mixture of juggling, magic, comedy and audience participation to bring that certain something special to your child’s party. The sort of something special that they will never forget. He will be at the door, greeting the children as they arrive. Getting to know their names and giving them a taste of the fun that’s to follow. Peat’s unique show can be performed all at once, or broken into pieces. This allows for a food and drink break and in the case of smaller children, it also allows for a shorter attention span.

Circus Workshops

Peat and Jester Dragonfly can even run circus skills workshops so that the children (and adults) can learn the basics of becoming as famous as Peat. Workshops start with a fun demonstration of how to use the equipment safely. This is followed by a fun, hands on chance for everyone (young and old alike) to try out and learn a whole range of exciting circus skills.

Our circus skills workshops teach a whole range of different skills suitable for all ages, including Scarf juggling (like juggling balls, but in slow motion), ball juggling, Diabolo, Plate spinning, club juggling, pot stilts (Imagine upside down flower pots that are sturdy enough to support fully grown adults), flowersticks (like devilsticks, but easier and lighter) and of course, not forgetting Peats namesake, devilsticks. These always go down well, especially if they happen after Peats show and are always the talk of the playground.

How long the circus workshop lasts for is up to you, however we recommend at least 40 minutes, including the demonstration.

I want him to come to all my parties. I am his number one fan.

Liberty, aged 6 (and 2 weeks)

As the mother of the two birthday boys- What an amazing party. The combination of show & circus skills kept everyone entertained (adults included) and both my boys were so very delighted. Can’t recommend Devilstick Peat (and gang) highly enough.

Maddy Elruna

Thanks to DevilStick Peat. We’re now the coolest parents in the school.

David Wyatt

“DevilStick Peat is a hero in our household. The only other person who comes close is Michel Jackson. Peat is a shining star of an entertainer. We would recommend him for all shapes and sizes”.

Sara Lomri

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Party Tips

These tips are the result of over 3 decades of entertaining and really will help your birthday party run smoothly.

Circus Entertainment in Cambridge

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