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Close up magic, puppetry and medieval entertainer in Cambridgeshire

medieval jester devilstick peat
the award winning “regurgitating ping pong balls (of doom)”

regurgitating ping pong balls;

“The regurgitating ping pong balls (of doom)” is probably Peats most famous routine. A totally unique and unexpected award winning effect that will make people stop and stare, transfixed and fascinated as Peat continually removes ball after ball from his mouth. Then, just as you think you’ve figured out how it’s done, that’s when Peat proves you wrong and just as you think his finished, out pops another 5, 10, 20 or more balls.

Peat first show cased this routine at the EUROPEAN JUGGLING CONVENTION and promptly won a prize for the most stupid act, (that’s no small feat when you consider the fact that the event was attended by over 3,000 clowns and performers from all over the world).
Since then the routine has grown and evolved into the routine shown in the short video below.



fool speed ahead
fool speed ahead

But this is only one of Peats unique and infamous walk about routines. Others include puppetry and magic and of cause, comedy. The beauty of these routines is that they can be done whilst strolling past bemused public, or on a one to one basis as he meets people, leaving them with the feeling that your world famous jester performed solely for them and their children, and that’s something that guarantees to bring them and their friends back year after year after year.

walk about with woodbine
I think that my pet polecat (Woodbine) just burped



Puppetry with Woodbine;

Peats mastery of puppetry is shown in his use of his pet polecat (known to his fans as woodbine). In 2012, whilst performing at a medieval market in Newcastle Peat was approached by the town council. Apparently they’d had not one, but two complaints of his use of live animals. Even the council official was convinced that peats pet was real. That is until he burped (the pole cat, not the council official).

Can you think of any other entertainer who's so confident of their skills that they will make you this promise?
Can you think of any other entertainer who’s so confident of their skills that they will make you this promise?