Brownies circus performers badge workshops

Brownies circus performers badge workshops;

When not performing at birthdays, festivals or re-enactments, my partner and fellow jester, “Jester Dragonfly” is the local district commissioner for the girl guiding association. Because of this and our genuine belief in the benefits and social importance of the girl guiding association, we are proud to offer the following, heavily discounted, Brownies circus performers badge workshops to all units in East Anglia. For full details on our other circus workshops, please use the following link Circus workshops.



brownies circus performers workshops
 DevilStick Peat teaching Brownies how to use the equipment safely

Our circus performers badge workshops follow the following module. First we start with a comic yet educational demo in which the Brownies are taught not just how all the equipment works, but also how to use it safely.

They are then divided into groups by the units leaders and these groups rotate around the different pieces of equipment and art section.

Then, at the end of the workshop the brownies have a chance to perform in front of their peers before receiving their circus performers badges.

Attaining the Brownies circus performers badge;

The rules for ataining the Brownies circus performers badge state that before a Brownie can attain her circus performers badge, she must

Juggling 3 scarves.
Scarves are perfect for learning the basic juggling pattern as they are so slow and floaty.

1. Learn two circus skills from the list below.

* juggling with three or more items (such as balls, rings, scarves or clubs)
* plate-spinning
* yo-yo (show three tricks)
* Diablo
* lasso
* stilt-walking
* tumbling and acrobatics
* unicycling.

This is covered in our workshop which includes, amongst other skills, ball and scarf juggling, plate-spinning, diablo, stilt-walking and more.

2. Do one of the following:

* Make a set of juggling balls or bean bags.
* Perform your skills to a group such as your Six or unit.
* Try one other skill from the list of circus skills.

At the end of our workshop the Brownies have the chance to stand up and show the others what they have learnt. But don’t worry about the shy ones, as they are all covered by the “Try one other skill from the list of circus skills”

Brownies circus performers badge workshops
spinning plate transfer from stick to finger whilst spinning! (the plate that is, not her finger)

3. Visit a circus or circus-skills workshop. Tell the tester about it.

By attending our workshop this section is automatically covered

4. Do both of the following.

** Paint a circus clown’s face.
** Put on a short clown show.

We supply all the art materials needed to paint, make, glue and stick a clowns face. All we ask is that the units leaders and helpers supervise this bit so that we can concentrate of the circus skills.

The end of the evening show, when the Brownies get the chance to show off their new found skills is our “clown show spectacular”

What Brownie packs say about us

“Peat and Clare have worked with my brownie group twice now and each time the girls have been truly engaged and have loved learning new skills! The juggling and stilts are very popular amongst our group! They love having time at the end of the session to be able to show everybody what they have learnt! Peat and Clare always put on a good show and girls are always in fits of laughter! I would highly recommend them”

1st Manea brownies


“We absolutely loved the session you did for us in October.  The girls got to try so many different things that they might not of got to try before. You guys had the whole session planned and organised and I felt you were all very professional.  The demos were so much fun and it was lovely to see all the girls laughing.

My favourite part was at the end when they all had to show us what they had learnt. Really great for their self esteem. I hope you have continued success and I would hope we will use you again in the future”

1st wilburton brownies

We take great pride in getting whole packs through their badge, including the pack leaders

The team came along to deliver a session to our Brownie group and were professio­nal at all stages. The girls (all ages 7-10) really enjoyed the chance to try out lots of new skills and the team were great at explaining in a fun and age-appr­opriate way how to use the circus equipm­ent. They adapted th­eir plans so that ea­ch girl was able to gain her Circus Perf­ormer badge by the end of the evening. Huge thanks for such an entertaining even­ing!

30th Cambridge Brownies


Brownies circus performers badge workshops
Learning to flowerstick with the legendary devilstick peat