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Wow, what a busy time we’ve had of late. 8 days of work in 9 days. Birthday Party, Battle medieval festival entertainment and circus skills workshop, all in 9 days|

Children’s birthday party entertainment and circus skills workshop;

It all started two Saturdays ago when Jester Dragonfly, Stormageddon and myself loaded up the car and headed down to East Sussex where we were performing at a birthday party for two of my fans (aged 9 and 12).

Woodbine and I, ready for a fun filled afternoon of shows, sillyness and circus workshops

The party was held in an old barn in some wonderful woodland that really helped to set the mood for the party

We started with Woodbine doing “meet and greet” as this helps to break the ice and get the children in the right mood. After Woodbine’s antics I led the way into the barn where I performed my “complete Fool” show, with Stormageddon jumping in as and when he felt the need to try and put daddy off. Bless him, he is turning into a great performer and helps to keep me on my toes.

Stormageddon and DevilStick Peat performing their comic intro to 5 ball juggling
Stormageddon and DevilStick Peat performing their comic intro to 5 ball juggling

After the show, which was enjoyed by both, children and adults alike, we had a little drinks and run around time before running the circus workshop.

Circus skills workshop;

The birthday boy trying to unlink the 2 rings he just watched DevilStick Peat magically link

Jester Dragonfly and I started the workshop with a comic demo of how to use all the equipment safely then, after the demo, it was the children’s turn to play as Jester dragonfly and I went around teaching and giving hints on how to improve their skills.

By the end of the day we had a few new plate spinners and diabilist and the birthdays boys were practicing devilsticks like there was no tomorrow.

After the party we headed to Cranbrook and stayed with a good friend of mine that I know from Black Company, A dodgy band of mercenaries who’s Christmas party I’ve had the privilege of performing at for several years now.

Next morning was an early start as we were off to Battle, near Hastings for their medieval fayre, but first we just had to stop at the “route 1066” cafe.

This is a bikers cafe in Robertsbridge and a great place to eat and we really do recommend it very highly.

After breakfast we headed on down to battle for what we know to be a great little event.

Battle medieval festival;

DevilStick Peat uses “the wand of doom” to produce an object from thin air

Battle medieval fayre has been running for around 26 years now and is the first medieval event that ever paid me to perform for them, and they still ask me back!!!

It’s held just outside the Abby, which makes a very impressive backdrop to the tents and stalls that lead up to the maypole where the shows are held.


It’s a small, but action packed event held on the Sunday and bank holiday Monday and, despite it’s size, there is a surprisingly large amount of things going on. These include knights in armour, crossbow archery range, medieval medicine (not for the faint hearted) maypole dancing (you can even have a go yourself) and of cause shows and walk about by that most famous of fools, yours truly DevilStick Peat.

I’ve been performing at the event for over 20 years now, so it’s like meeting old friends, not just the stall holders but also members of the public who turn up year after year (and why not, after all, it’s not only a good event, but also free). I even bumped into a fellow member of “the chaotic minions support group” (A secret group of select magicians*). So in between performing shows and doing walk about with woodbine, regurgitating ping pong balls and never ending carrots (if that makes no sense to you, come see one of my shows) I got to chat and catch up on all the local gossip.

The grand parade;

Stormageddon and daddy heading down Battle high street

On the Monday there was a grand parade through the town. Stormageddon took part, proudly walking at the front with one of jester Dragonfly’s dragon puppets which he happily waved in the faces of members of the public (weather they wanted him to or not).

Then, once the show had closed, it was time to pack up the box of tricks and head back home. Unload and reload the trailer and get ready for the next show. A whole five days of circus camp for home educated children where we…………….. Arrrrrr, but that’s another story, for another day.

*editors note: DevilStick Peat didn’t mention his connection to the minions to brag, he done it so that other minions would click on his blog to see what he wrote about them, thereby increasing the amount of clicks his website gets.

and unless you promise to stop up staging me, that's just where you're staying boy
And unless you promise to stop up staging me, that’s just where you’re staying boy

new premises, last show and next show

Due to the increase in business and our constantly expanding routines etc, we’ve had no choice but to move to another location. But don’t worry fenland folk. We are still local (Manea) and based close to Ely and March, and available for all types of gigs, including festivals, weddings, children’s birthday entertainment, circus skills workshops and money. but now we are based in the lovely village of Manea, as opposed to Chatteris.

I must admit to being more than a little disappointed when I discovered that “Manea” is pronounced “main-e” and not “mania”. Which would had been so much more fitting for a man in my trade. So after a manic week of packing boxes, moving boxes, dropping boxes marked “fragile” on my toes and then unpacking them again. I’m pleased to say that we are moved in, up and running and open for business .

This is just as well as Friday I had to travel up to “Tatton park” near Manchester for a weekends work.

Medieval jester show

I was performing at “The Tatton park country show” for the lovely people at Oakleigh fairs, and what a great weekend it was. The sun turned out, the public turned out and a good time was had by all.

I was based next to the beer tent so that mummy and daddy could have somewhere to sit and relax whilst keeping an eye on their children as the enjoyed my shows. Obviously many of them were tempted by the fine selection on ciders, lagers and real ales that were on sale, but many of them had driven there so, in the name of health and safety, I felt compelled to point out the following fact:

One third of all road traffic accidents involve alcohol, which means that your actually two thirds more likely to crash if your sober! (but just you try telling the judge that).

This was the 4th time that the event had been held and the second time that I’d been booked to perform at it. I must admit to being somewhat surprised at the amount of adults and children who remembered me from last year. I was also quite relieved that, as always, my show had evolved from last year, so that I had lots of new tricks etc to keep them entertained. I’m still not sure who laughed the most, the children or the adults. What I do know is that they really enjoyed not only my shows, but the whole day.

Many old friends were also performing at the event (my support acts), including Jezz, a stunt rider who does crazy things with motor bikes and drives cars that role head over heels.

“Moment in time” also had large living history displays at the show with every thing from medieval through to the second world war, and some very loud cannons thrown in for good luck.

The evenings were spent sitting around camp fires whilst enjoying the clear night sky’s and laughing and reminiscing about past shows. We even had a lovely roast meal (with a veggie option) laid on by the bar. So a good time was had by all.

I purposely haven’t taken any booking for next weekend as I want to spend the time putting the finishing touches to the new premises, but the weekend after (which is the late may bank holiday) I’ll be performing at a private event on the Saturday, then on the Sunday and Monday I’ll be at Battle Medieval Fayre, which is held (surprisingly enough) at Battle, near Hastings in east Sussex.

Battle medieval fayre

DevilStick Peat is available for festivals, weddings, children's birthday entertainment, circus skills workshops banquets and all types of events
DevilStick Peat is available for festivals, weddings, children’s birthday entertainment, circus skills workshops banquets and all types of events

This is a lovely small but action packed event that is held in the town center just in front of the abbey.

It is run by the local chamber of commerce and totally free to entre. That’s right folks, if you’ve missed my show and want to see what’s new, then may bank holiday is your chance to see me for free. You can also see several other acts there and even take part in the may pole dancing.

Battle Medieval Fayre has a very special place in my heart as it was the very first ever event to actually pay me to be there, over 24 years ago. During that time the fayre has grown and gone from strength to strength. So please come along and say hi to me, my lovely wife (jester dragonfly) and of cause, our very own jester in training, the one and only Stormageddon. (Did you know that the correct term for a jester in training is a “zany”. There you go, you live and learn).


To find out more info on the event, simply log onto Facebook and search for “Battle Medieval Fayre”. Here you will find out lots more information on what’s
happening, as well as see photo’s from past years. You never know, there may even be a photo or two of

yours truly. just like this one here.

DevilStick Peat uses "the wand of doom" to produce an object from thin air
DevilStick Peat uses “the wand of doom” to produce an object from thin air

Well that’s all for now folks, as I’ve got loads of new magic and juggling tricks to go and learn. But whilst you’re here, please take the time to look around the rest of my site, as there is always something new to discover.

Your favourite fool

DevilStick Peat